Description: Festive, magical and original Christmas orchestral theme. Filled with shimmering bells, merry strings, ethereal choirs and holiday spirit. Fast moving, merry and wonderous, includes lighter sections and edit points. The producers perfect Christmas gift.

Description: Exciting, bright and merry original upbeat Christmas theme, with a couple of familiar refrains. Full of joy and festive cheer, this track has pace and is great to stand alone as Christmas background music, a talk-over bed, infomercial or commercial. Various mixes and cuts - Happy Holidays !

Description: Heavy thrash metal, fast and frantic electric guitars version of the traditional Christmas carol, 'Silent Night'. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, turning the idea of a peaceful Christmas on it's head. Crazy, mad and hectic festive time. Composed for radio and television commercials - 30sec main and underscore mixes

Description: Energetic & euphoric festive celebration. A great rocking Christmas party, with a 70's Glam Rock retro feel, in the style of Wizzard & Slade. Warm, feel-good and full of the festive spirit. Composed for radio & television commercials in, 60sec & 30sec lengths, to give your xmas campaign a boost.

Description: Warm & exciting, bright and breezy, uplifting version of the Christmas holiday classic, 'Tis the season to be jolly'. Opens with light merry bells and gradually builds to harp, strings, flute, oboe & vibraphone. Great for movement and faster radio and television commercials. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Impish and mischievous original Christmas 30sec commercial featuring light bells

Description: Uplifting and joyful original Christmas 30 sec commercial full of bells, sparkle and angelic voices.

Description: Noble & stately version of the traditional Christmas Carol. This 3 verse version begins with oboe, viola & guitar - Second verse expands to flute, harp, harpsichord & guitar - Third verse is much grander strings & guitar. All Xmas uses from Muzak to TV, History & commercials.

Description: Light & chirpy, feelgood & jolly festive theme. Gives a warm nostalgic glow. Holiday for strings feel with a shuffle beat. Great for fun holiday features, commercials, Christmas background & muzak. Main mix, underscore, 30sec & 30sec underscore.

Description: Lively & fast pop/rock Christmas 30-sec jingle. Ideal for those harder to sell Christmas commercials. Wholesome, fun, jazzy the kids will love this! Pretty & uplifting melody. Features piano, bells, sleigh bells & tubular bells. Cute, hilarious and very sweet, little upbeat choir & very jolly

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