Description: Homely, cute and quirky acoustic piano duet. Slightly off-the-wall, this uptempo solo has a very domesticated familiar feel, ideal for depicting anything from domestic bliss to a very busy and chaotic daily home life. Great for animals, pets and domestic product commercials and adverts. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Goofy, fun & wacky children's theme. Great upbeat accompaniment for kids running around doing silly things, slapstick & activities. Perfect for children's TV game show, TV animal antics, cartoon chase, clowns and slapstick comedy routines. Features synths, piano & tuba. Various mixes & cuts.

Description: Elated, joyful & infectious happy tune that lifts the spirits. Upbeat, very catchy & rhythmic underscore track, that conjures up children playing happily, warm summer sunshine, and the feeling that it's good to be alive. Perfect for health & lifestyle ads, Kids TV & so much more. Various mixes and 60sec & 30sec cuts

Description: Cheerful, wholesome and happy-go-lucky circular theme with a child-like simplicity. Warm and welcoming, light and airy, gradually building on a piano riff. Perfect for adding a little calm and levity to hectic family life. Ideal for commercials, Children's TV theme and daytime Television. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Uplifting and happy, bright pop commercial. Very infectious, foot-tapping and catchy with a branding logo threaded throughout. Perfect for wholesome healthy foods, family related and children, or friendly upbeat service radio or television adverts. Ideal for companies with good customer service. 60sec and 30sec main and underscore versions

Description: Fast and jolly, clowns marching parade. All the fun of the fair when the circus comes to town. The bright lights, the vibrant colours, the excitement of the marching style band. Perfect for the clowning antics, fall about and slapstick for film, documentary, commercials or circus performances. 60sec and 30sec, with and without fx

Description: Easy going, happy-go-lucky, stroll out in the sunshine on a little adventure. Ever moving forward at a steady pace. Features lead flute with organ, keyboards, synthesizer and light percussion. Great underscore for Children's TV, cartoons, light comedy, radio and television commercials. Main, 60sec, 30sec and sting

Description: Catchy, fun, out-going, jolly childrens or cartoon theme. A real foot-tapper, one of those tunes that just goes round in your head. Features gritty expressive synth leads, ukelele, flute, percussion and a rip roaring bass line in different movements. Main mix, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Catchy, happy-go-lucky, care-free whistle along style track for commercials. Perfect for family, lifestyle, good living, wholesome and healthy products. Features happy whistling, acoustic guitars, cavaquinho, glockenspiel, finger snaps and shaker. 60sec, 30sec with whistle and 30sec without whistle versions.

Description: Warm, welcoming and easy going acoustic guitars. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, everything is right with the world - a perfect day for a picnic in the park. Laid back and catchy, perfect for radio and TV commercials for wholesome, family and friendly orientated products and services. Main, 60sec and 30sec, full and underscore mixes

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