Description: Energetic, contemporary girl pop, in the style of artists like Katy Perry, Pink, Jessie J and Kelly Clarkson. Uptempo, raw, gritty and rocky, with real drive. Catchy electric rock guitars hooks, a good solid beat and logos. Great for Commercials, pop documentary, teen TV & youth projects. Also 60sec main & underscore, plus 30sec underscore

Description: Lively, feelgood, uplifting bubblegum pop. Bright & positive with a good beat. Features electric guitars, keyboards, eletric bass, drums & female vocals. Great modern pop style for advertising a wide range of goods and services. Mixes available with or without vocals.

Description: Contemplative, considerate & thoughtful commercial underscore. Fairly sparse and simple, with an informational tone throughout, although builds and the mood lightens gradually giving a clearer direction and more positive outlook. Great for more serious adverts leading to a happier resolve. 60 & 30sec versions

Description: All set for Summer. Quirky and distinctive with a light, bright and breezy vibe. Long hot summer days, enjoying wholesome picnics in the sunshine. Features pots and bowls sounds as musical instruments, making this ideal for healthy food related products. Composed specially for radio and TV advert - 60sec and 30sec full and potless mixes

Description: Well-known tradtional Australian folk tune. Easy-going & relaxed mid-tempo version. Featuring Acoustic Guitars, harmonica, jews harp, didgeridoo, violin & whistling. This tune just says 'Australia' so great to use from travel, vacations, holidays, documentary & history. Main, underscore & 30sec

Description: Wild, vast and panoramic, this atmospheric track takes you on safari right to the Red Centre of Australia. Driving along desolate dusty roads without a sole for hundreds of miles, in the searing heat. Rhythmic didgeridoo, pulsing electric bass guitar, haunting harmonica & stirring strings.

Description: Inspirational, inviting and feelgood acoustic pop. Happy and uplifting, if a little quirky, inspired by many current artists such as James Blunt, Amy Macdonald, Train. Features rhythmic organ, acoustic & electric guitars, bass, glockenspiel & light percussion. 30sec full mix & 30sec underscore

Description: Light Orchestral sleigh ride through a snow covered winter scene. Mid-tempo, gently driving forward, perky & jolly, pretty & glistening, yet with a proud & stately feel. This is a great accompaniment for festive activity, audio visuals, multimedia & commercials. Commercial lengths & mixes

Description: Friendly, relaxed, warm & inviting, yet upbeat underscore specially composed for radio & TV commercials. Modern fresh easy-going pop, in the style of Jessie J. Great for infomercials, light corporate as well as adverts. Suitable for most goods and services that require a friendly feeling. 60sec, 30sec & underscores

Description: Modern, easy-going and forward pushing. This track has a corprate, technology and scientific, yet relaxed feel. Features electric guitars, piano, synths, electric bass & electronic drums. Some mixes have digital data fx. Excellent for technical voice-over scripts. Various mixes available

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