Description: Fast, dynamic and ultra cool rock underscore with real movement. Great for extreme sports and high impact sales. Features electric guitar power chords, Gritty synth, Bass, Keyboards. 60sec, and 30sec versions

Description: Heraldic, prestigious and cinematic grand fanfare. Expansive and proud brass statements with cinematic drums. Perfect for openings for Olympic Games, Sporting Events, Historical Drama or Documentary, Ancient and modern. Mixes available with or without drums.

Description: Expansive & dramatic opening fanfare into triumphant, powerful & uplifting Olympic style theme. A true winner, featuring brass, strings, male choir, cinematic drums & sequencers. Perfect for sports, Corporate and corporate presentations. Main mix, fanfare, theme, underscore & end cuts.

Description: Traditional American sports stadium rally call, played on the hammond organ. Ideal for indoor sports event chants, baseball, hockey etc., Comprises of 3 ascending figures which gradually speed up, stops, ending with a rally call.

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