Description: Bright, pumping, energetic pop-rock with a real catchy riff. Happy, young & full of life. Features electric guitars, clavichord, real drums, big strings. Very contemporary - Great for wide range of adverts, fashion, young corporate. Main 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Mad, wicked, electro grunge rock. Prepare for the drive of your life in a sleek gleam new powerful car. 30sec commercial that begins with a basic grungy beat and gradually builds - lots of power FX throughout - very rhythmic and slightly dark. Perfect for car ads - lots of hit points for visuals

Description: Happy, joyful & easy-going themed 60sec & 30sec radio & TV commercial for products delivered 'To Your Door', as the main mixes incorporate a doorbell fx. Also mixes without fx to give you a warm & friendly feel with a slightly Caribbean sunshine feel. Composed so top & tail jingle vocals can added.

Description: Fast Euro-pop dance track for commercials. Full of energy, excitement, power & Drive. Good strong beat with dance synths & electronic lazer FX. Great for commercials on chart, pop, dance radio stations. 30sec main mix & 30sec drum & bass mix.

Description: Pounding club dance-floor beats written for upbeat contemporary radio & TV commercials. Europop, Techno, Hip-hop style dance featuring solid beats & modern dance synth sounds with lazer style 'whooshes' FX. Ideal for pop dance radio ads. 60sec, 30sec full mix & 30sec underscore mix

Description: Proud, heart-warming and uplifting pop underscore. When you need to convey a sense of pride, caring or helping each other. Features steady circular electric guitar patterns, slowly building, perfect for corporate, visuals, voice-over, narration or as a stand-alone. Modern Pop - U2, Coldplay etc., Main, 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Bright, magical, wondrous & joyful. The recipe for a perfect feel-good festive season. This upbeat original Christmas track is perfect for all things festive, especially commercials. Features choirs, piano, glockenspiel, pizzicato strings, bells & oboe. with a constant sleigh bell rhythm. 60sec & 30sec main & underscore mixes

Description: Gentle, rambling, bicycle ride in the countryside. Pleasant and appealing with a light mechanical feel. Perfect for family products and services. Radio & TV Commercials 60sec, 40sec & 30sec versions.

Description: Hypnotic, modern trip-hop dance beats with chopped vocals and vocoder. Features a strong revolving piano groove with powerful synth bass and electronic textures. Great for visuals creating movement and pace, also for corporate, documentary, commercials and backgrounds. Main mix, underscore, stripped mix, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Upbeat, happy and just a bit quirky. This 30sec commercial is lively and bouncy with a folky acoustic feel. Features a clockwork style acoustic guitar rhythm, with vocal percussion which builds to the full track at 08sec with drum kit, saxophone & brass. Just a bit different - Perfect for Adverts

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