Description: Beautiful, pure and uplifting, pseudo-classical, rhythmic theme. Using only the female voice in various forms - from synthesized through to operatic. Has a slightly industrial, mechanical & futuristic feel. Very different - great for Commercials & documentary. 60sec, 40sec, 30sec versions

Description: Light, positive, on-going scientific theme. Warm and beautiful with a hint of concern. Features fluid gentle electronic pulse rhythms with swelling voices and orchestral string section. Ideal for hi-tech, science, medical, documentary. Main mix, underscore, string mix and 30sec versions

Description: Sweet and pensive, comic romantic merry go round. Eastern European tradtional Gypsy style played by small orchestra. Main mix, String movement, Clarinet movement, 44sec, 15sec and 09 sec versions

Description: Lazy summer days, butterflies fluttering from flower to flower, you get the idea. Light pastoral and nature, perfect for documentary. Main mix, 60 and 30 sec versions.

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