Description: Cool contemporary, forward pushing with a hint of retro. Mid tempo, bright, uplifting and positive underscore that flows along nicely. Featuring strummed guitar riff and hammond organ with steady beat. Great for movement, design, on-hold, talk-over. Main mix, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Beautiful, slowly drifting, floaty vista. Wondrously warm atmosphere with acoustic guitar and panpipe figures. Creates a wonderfully rich relaxing soundscape depicting views of a tropical rain forest or underwater vista. Perfect for nature documentary or relaxation. Main and 30sec

Description: Inquisitive, hesitant, with more than a little intrigue. When there's nothing to do but wait with time passing by, just keep busy. Up-tempo, light activity, minimal orchestral, with a strong sense of dramedy & perfect for reality TV. Feeling a little nervous & apprehensive. Lots of edit points. Main, 60sec, 30sec, stings, stagers & bridge

Description: Mellow, cool, trendy & high gloss contemporary theme. Great for contemporary design reveals, Make-over reveals & technical data presentation. Very laid-back and relaxed but portraying confidence and fashion. Featuring simple Wah guitar chords over a light rhythm, with piano & synths.

Description: Dramatic, Intriguing, Forceful and Edgy urban style theme with sliced bass riffs, synth lead and electronic fx. Great for Crime investigation, documentary, human interest. Main mix, u/score, 30sec and logo versions

Description: Relaxed, floating light theme with circular figures. Great for human emotion and light documentary with an air of anticipation or optimism. Piano, Synth and soft pads. Main mix, Alt end mix, 60, 30 and 12 sec versions.

Description: Ominous and threatening, dark and slightly dangerous, steady dirty urban beats with heavy synth bass. Ideal for Documentary, crime, police reality TV etc. Various cuts and mixes available

Description: Solomn and serious orchestral underscore. Slow moving gigantic object, historical documentary or dramatic natural disaster. Various cuts and mixes available

Description: Light slapstick, comic, happy go lucky theme, featuring wah wah trombone. Various mixes and cut downs

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