Description: Soft relaxing music with electric piano, guitar and synth, the atmosphere calm and happy giving mood.

Description: Calm positive technological background music with a pleasant atmosphere and mood of success.

Description: Unusual corporate track with different instruments and upbeat atmosphere, associated as background goals and objectives.

Description: Presentation composition, motivating challenges.

Description: Calm surrounding minimal background with a light positive vibe and optimistic mood.

Description: Emotional orchestral composition, creating an atmosphere of hope, an epic-dramatic picture and an optimistic mood.

Description: Positive acoustic song with guitars, piano and percussion, creating a happy atmosphere and good mood.

Description: Optimistic background with electric piano, drums, bass and synths, creating a joyful atmosphere of freedom and uplifting mood.

Description: Invigorating positive music with guitars, piano and percussion, creating a good atmosphere and uplifting.

Description: Easy sad piano and string arrangement, creating an atmosphere of hope and faith and change the mood.

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