Description: A moody, dark, dreamy introspective about surrender and persistence, with the promise of a happy ending.

Description: This vividly imaginative and transcendent song draws on jazz, pop and Latin influences to magically whisk the listener away through the song of the cicada. A great summertime song any day of the year.

Description: A catchy dance-pop tune, fun for the clubs.

Description: An instrumental piece with a lot of movement and texture, I like to drive to this one.

Description: An instant classic torch song. Beautiful crooner jazz.

Description: An instrumental, urban drive through the city, in the rain.

Description: A cute, pop, dance love song, in the theme of computers, robots and artificial intelligence.

Description: Urban instrumental groove. Rollin’ uptown on a mysterious ride to an unknown locale.

Description: An adaptation of a traditional classic with new lyrics, a love song.

Description: An instrumental cityscape travelogue.

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