Description: This is a dubstep loop inspired by the great pioneers of dubstep like Mala and Skream. Well-sequenced percussion and a big, fat, sub bass work together for an ominous, dark dubstep loop.

Description: This loop has a nice electronic kick drum accompanied by swing samples, merging electronic and vintage swing music in a steadily cadencing loop. Inspired by artists like Gramophonedzie, Chinese Man, and Parov Stelar.

Description: BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP! This piercing sound is ideal for a "security breach" or a "area contaminated"-sorta thing.

Description: An easy-going, melodic dubstep loop inspired by artists like Subscape and Jakwob.

Description: A beat perfect for walking in dark city streets. Inspired by artists like Burial. Loopable.

Description: A horse galloping by, snorting and whinnying. Audio is panned from left to right for stereo imaging.

Description: A music loop inspired by the music of the "Deathspank"-franchise. Hypnotizing guitar pickings accompanied by simple chords and a quirky, unusual beat make for a Western-sounding yet modern piece of music.

Description: This hip-hop loop will get the subwoofer working hard. Combining a heavy 808-style bass with a glass-like synth, it is ideal for clubs, car audio, or for rapping over - you are only limited by your imagination.

Description: Heavy tribal-like drums for an action-injected sequence. Ideal for heroes in tight situations.

Description: A soundscape of a medieval port / harbour. Waves rolling in, a blacksmith working, ship ropes creaking.

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