Description: A sad, heartfelt piece that is ideal for evoking a strong passionate moment. Piano starts the melody, and warm strings enter to bring strong emotion.

Description: A funky vibe with trumpet and flutes carrying a retro theme.

Description: Emotional strings with brooding guitar. At 2 minutes, it takes a suspenseful spin and leads into a climax. At 3 minutes, a soft piano melody enters, to give closure.

Description: A beautiful piece reflecting the emotions of romance, both love & loss. Featuring cello, and strings over minimal piano chords.

Description: A solemn piece featuring a female vocal following melodies of an ambient guitar.

Description: An appealing piece featuring a flute melody over strings and abstract bells with a low, bowed guitar rhythm.

Description: Minimal piano with ambient layers of strings and synths. Moody with light tone. Increases to more tension at 1:00.

Description: Light soundscapes with minimal piano textures. One long chord drawn out with a light tension. Dreamlike state.

Description: Piano and strings bring warm, heartfelt emotion for the tender moments of life.

Description: Female vocal melody over a sultry indie sound.

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