Description: Minimal electronic/synth tones over a percussive beat. A self contemplative theme & mood.

Description: Clarinet starts off with this romantic waltz melody, and then is embellished with other orchestral instruments sharing the melody.

Description: Repetitive guitar melodies over drumbeat and synth.

Description: Slow and introspective piece with minimal piano melody and woodwinds.

Description: A theme you would hear when you see investigators on a TV drama, or documentary. Electronic percussion and guitar add to the tension.

Description: Motivating guitar riffs with drums. Uplifting and positive feel. Good for corporate and commercial use.

Description: Fun and cheerful piano theme with finger snaps and tambourine. Guitar enters with drums to give more of a drive and sense of determination.

Description: Guitar driven with shuffle beat. Similar feel as the Black Keys. The abrupt end makes it good for looping. If you would like an ending, I can create one for you!

Description: An underscore that gives tension with subtle string bowing effects, and percussion. Builds suspense.

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