Description: Tension building frenzy. Good for a reveal in a video game, film, TV game or reality show.

Description: A beautiful piece reflecting the emotions of romance, both love & loss. Featuring cello, and strings over minimal piano chords.

Description: Emotional strings with brooding guitar. At 2 minutes, it takes a suspenseful spin and leads into a climax. At 3 minutes, a soft piano melody enters, to give closure.

Description: Starts off with a European vibe, with strings and accordion. Leads into a suspenseful surprise with lots of ins & outs. Good for editing!

Description: Repetitive synth and guitar melody that delivers a suspense, and anxious feeling. Good for 'breaking news', 'amber alert' and so on.

Description: A sad, heartfelt piece that is ideal for evoking a strong passionate moment. Piano starts the melody, and warm strings enter to bring strong emotion.

Description: Upbeat dance feel for when the girls are heading out for a night on the town!

Description: Ambient guitar chords over an ambient tone. Similar to Explosions in the Sky.

Description: Slow build of a rising synth with a bit of orchestral sound design, leading into a climatic point. Good for a reveal.

Description: Guitar driven theme. Good for fight sequence, action, and heroism. Has a few transitions for climax.

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