Description: Atmospheric backgrounds with subtle piano chords. Good for a dreaming sequence or pondering of thoughts.

Description: Dark and mysterious cue with ominous opening. Hybrid score with strings, synth and percussion. Slowly grows more intense. Risers and a slam at the end.

Description: A fun whistling melody accompanied by ukulele, guitars, and hand claps.

Description: Great for the ending of a game or reality TV show. Rhythmic string pattern that builds transition for a reveal.

Description: Short sorrowful piece with an ambient background and soothing vocal.

Description: Soft ambient tones start and strings enter @:54 with a bowed guitar. A sense of sadness is the feel. Later in the track, the strings pick up in melody, with a soft orchestral sound delivering a stronger emotion. Ends with light piano hits, to trigger the "loss".

Description: Upbeat and inspiring track with piano melody. Builds with guitars and drum beat. In the vein of U2 and Coldplay.

Description: Guitar driven piece with a shuffle feel. Gritty and energetic mood.

Description: A fun cruising piece with driving guitar melodies, accompanied by a female vocal and hand claps! Positive energy.

Description: A mellow, happy-go-lucky vibe with guitars and ukulele. Fun and positive mood. Good for cruising down the open road.

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