Description: Dark, and calming piece with Middle Eastern percussion, duduk drones, and a sarangi. Layered with lots of atmosphere.

Description: A somber piece featuring the Oud over stringed atmospheres.

Description: Staccato strings drive this piece, giving the mood of ambition and striving to reach your goals.

Description: A fun cruising piece with driving guitar melodies, accompanied by a female vocal and hand claps! Positive energy.

Description: Staccato strings play over a half-feel, hip hop beat. Great for setting an uplifting tone and determination.

Description: A fun whistling melody accompanied by ukulele, guitars, and hand claps.

Description: A mellow, happy-go-lucky vibe with guitars and ukulele. Fun and positive mood. Good for cruising down the open road.

Description: Guitar driven theme. Good for fight sequence, action, and heroism. Has a few transitions for climax.

Description: A cheerful, happy and light track with uplifting melodies, carefree bells, and pizzicato strings with an optimistic, upbeat vibe. Perfect for today’s advertising and commercials, corporate videos and presentations, children’s projects, YouTube videos and more.

Description: Dramatic guitar with a hint of dub step percussion. Good for a fight scene, or motivation for an intense moment. Internet, video games to movie, theater, and TV projects. Has obscure boxing ring "bell".

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