Description: Uplifting piece, with a hint of Winter cheer, and galloping feel. Medium/relaxed tempo.

Description: A sad, heartfelt piece that is ideal for evoking a strong passionate moment. Piano starts the melody, and warm strings enter to bring strong emotion.

Description: A fun, and short cheerful piece using guitars, strings, and bells.

Description: Sport theme for determination. Reminiscent of the NFL.

Description: An upbeat Latin, pop/rock tune in the vein of Santana & Los Lonely Boys

Description: Pizzicato strings with a steady shaker rhythm forms thoughtful act in planning something. Good for a commercial or documentary.

Description: Pumped for action, out for battle, winner takes all, about to score the winning touchdown!

Description: Disturbing tones with a pulsating bass, and violin scratching and something playing inside of a piano. At :54 a piano melody enters with an element of things may be okay ... is it?

Description: Ambient tones with minimal guitar, and piano theme near end.

Description: Soft somber piece bringing hope.

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