Description: A funky vibe with trumpet and flutes carrying a retro theme.

Description: Piano and strings bring warm, heartfelt emotion for the tender moments of life.

Description: Melancholy, warm tones with piano make this an awareness of sad emotion.

Description: Piano melody plays over atmospheres of an early morning. Sense of strong emotion in what one believes in.

Description: That moment in which you know you've done something wrong, and it's sad to deliver the news and suffer your consequence ... or is it? Piano and strings.

Description: Sweeping string melody with gradual change. French horns take over melody later, then becomes fuller in sound and emotion.

Description: Waltz type feel, with a bit of European nostalgia using strings, piano and accordion. Cuts in and out towards end for a bit of change.

Description: A hybrid action cue with orchestral elements. Good for spy, espionage scenes. Inspired by the Bourne movies.

Description: Something you'd hear from an old action TV show. In the vein of shows like Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, James Bond, Austin Powers, Ocean's Eleven.

Description: Uplifting piece, with a hint of Winter cheer, and galloping feel. Medium/relaxed tempo.

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