Description: That moment in which you know you've done something wrong, and it's sad to deliver the news and suffer your consequence ... or is it? Piano and strings.

Description: A sad, heartfelt piece that is ideal for evoking a strong passionate moment. Piano starts the melody, and warm strings enter to bring strong emotion.

Description: A fun, and short cheerful piece using guitars, strings, and bells.

Description: Clarinet starts off with this romantic waltz melody, and then is embellished with other orchestral instruments sharing the melody.

Description: A laid back, contemporary piece featuring piano with an ambiance consisting of bowed guitars and music boxes. Gives an element of joyful content.

Description: Piano melody over light textures deliver endearing themes.

Description: Piano-based melody starts this somewhat sad, yet playful theme. Takes a different feel at 1:32, to a more minimal theme. Darker mood sets in around 2:24. Sense of grieving, confusion and loss are played with descending melody on piano.

Description: Piano melody with layers of strings give a theme of hammering on through difficult times. Different changes of tempo.

Description: Dramatic piece using a small orchestra and piano. Starts steady, then grows into more of a romantic emotion.

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