Description: A hybrid action cue with orchestral elements. Good for spy, espionage scenes. Inspired by the Bourne movies.

Description: Ambient tones with minimal guitar, and piano theme near end.

Description: Dark and mysterious cue with ominous opening. Hybrid score with strings, synth and percussion. Slowly grows more intense. Risers and a slam at the end.

Description: Ambient guitar chords over an ambient tone. Similar to Explosions in the Sky.

Description: Beautiful, dark cello melody plays over subtle piano chords. Good use for heavy dramatic scenarios.

Description: A hybrid orchestral cue using electronics, choir and orchestral elements.

Description: Minimal electronic/synth tones over a percussive beat. A self contemplative theme & mood.

Description: An underscore that gives tension with subtle string bowing effects, and percussion. Builds suspense.

Description: Middle Eastern mood with duduk drones, and sarangi.

Description: Dark, and calming piece with Middle Eastern percussion, duduk drones, and a sarangi. Layered with lots of atmosphere.

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