Description: Uplifting piece, with a hint of Winter cheer, and galloping feel. Medium/relaxed tempo.

Description: Pumped for action, out for battle, winner takes all, about to score the winning touchdown!

Description: Soft somber piece bringing hope.

Description: Great for the ending of a game or reality TV show. Rhythmic string pattern that builds transition for a reveal.

Description: A mellow, happy-go-lucky vibe with guitars and ukulele. Fun and positive mood. Good for cruising down the open road.

Description: Upbeat dance feel for when the girls are heading out for a night on the town!

Description: Repetitive guitar melodies over drumbeat and synth.

Description: Fun and cheerful piano theme with finger snaps and tambourine. Guitar enters with drums to give more of a drive and sense of determination.

Description: Athletic cue that builds, and ends with a dubstep.

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