Description: Sneaky and mischievous background music, a comedy cinematic theme with quirky and funny mood. If you need a subtle comical underscore for your elegant humor scene, this is the track for you. It features clarinet, oboe, bouncy pizzicato strings, xylophone, bells, orchestral mallet instruments. It works perfectly in pranks videos, game trailers, audio books and tv commercials, and it will be the right fit for your youtube videos, animations, movies, documentaries and more.

Description: Powerful punchy background track with guitars, synths and FX. Perfect for high-tech industries, rally, extreme sports and more.

Description: Driving and energetic rock track with powerful guitar solo. Perfect for backgrounds, soundtracks, youtube, extreme and sport videos, presentations, promotions, web, trailers and media projects.

Description: An inspirational and motivational background track. Suitable for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects. Perfect for advertisements, Film and TV, Youtube and more.

Description: An inspiring background track. Good suitable for advertising videos, info-graphics, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations and more.

Description: Cinematic orchestral track in motivational and inspirational emotional mood. Perfect for your trailers, films, time lapse video and other cinematic projects!

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