Description: Ethereal dreamy gentle piece with a combination of strings, wind instruments, ocean wave sound effects and Tibetan Chimes designed as a seamless loop for relaxation and meditation.

Description: Very fun and playful version of Jingle Bells. Ideal for background in children's video's. Jazz themed. Main melody lead with piano. Has a playful back beat.

Description: This is an upbeat rock version of deck the halls with a party type feel to it. It sounds a little gospel at the beginning then the main melody is played with Christmas sounding bells and orchestral strings.

Description: Well known public domain Christmas song "Oh Holy Night" played with a country feel. It has a pedal steel guitar lead. The second part is backed with orchestral strings creating a majestic ambience.

Description: Good old country pedal steel guitar lead with catchy country melody and a 2/4 country beat you can tap your toe to.

Description: Retro 80S feel. Has solid 8 beat with a base guitar plucking a chord sequence accompanied by acoustic guitar. Builds up to a stringed orchestral accompaniment. Inspired by a surfer in vintage San Francisco. Ideal for use as a countdown timer background music on game show.

Description: Very playful loop with piano as lead instrument, accompanied with a rock beat and electronic instruments also part of the accompaniment. Inspired by watching a group of dolphins dance and be playful.

Description: Public Domain Christmas Song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" with a rock beat. This version uses electronic bell sounds to lead, and a tubular bell occasionally to add to the effect. Part way through, the song builds with orchestral string accompaniment and then for the third section, trumpets join in. Ideal for use on Christmas E-cards, seasonal phone holding music, games, DVD title screens etc.

Description: Starts as funky beat by itself, builds up into a funky sounding loop with a 4 part chord sequence. Ideal for background behind a voice over in a fashion ad, or used as a transition track between scenes. Would also fit very well as music in a sports or action video sequence, or for a video game.

Description: Electronic trance loop, 3 part chord sequence. Ideal for use as background music in a high performance car advert or similar.

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