Description: This dark sounding stinger is played on acoustic guitar with a pick. Suitable as a stinger or logo reveal audio.

Description: This is a clean blues turnaround lick in the key of A, played on a steel-string acoustic guitar with a pick. Suitable as a stinger in radio, tv or podcast, or as a logo reveal / ident.

Description: This joyful song features three kinds of flutes, almost creating the sound of whistling. There is also acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel, and the B section melody is played on a classical guitar. Gives the feeling of strolling around in a city, in the countryside or at the beach.

Description: This is a mellow piece with just a fingerstyle classical guitar and a piano. Works well in a mellow context, a commercial for something serene and serious, or a photo slideshow project.

Description: Uplifting song that starts off with piano followed by drums, bass and a string section. Perfect for commercial or corporate use.

Description: This is a chill out track with reverse cymbals, piano, drums and a nice synth pad. In the style of Moby.

Description: Short explosion sound that is digitally created.

Description: This all-happy song is perfect for motivation corporate use.

Description: Electronic sounding hip-hop track, reminiscent of what you would breakdance to in the 80's.

Description: Mellow, calm piano piece with a bluesy jazz sound. Contains a bluesy solo in the middle.

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