Description: Big epic instrumental rock opener with a strong piano and delay guitar theme over powerful and energetic drums and overdrive guitars. The track has a strong energy and is intended to attract immediate attention with glory and excitement. Suitable for action sports, big show announcements or spectacular product and corporate presentations.

Description: Positive and uplifting instrumental pop rock track with a catchy guitar theme over solid powerful drums with majestic piano arpeggios and heartwarming string sections and synth pads. Suitable for everything that benefits from an emotional optimistic background music / underscore / music bed.

Description: An catchy uplifting pop / rock guitar track with a solid tom groove, slowly building up big sounding delayed guitar accents in the style of famous Irish Rock. This tune's atmosphere of grandeur and glory and will move and raise the spirits of your listeners. Ideal as a background for presenting a new product, a new campaign or your company in general, this inspiring optimistic tune gives your project a distinct musical touch of confidence and excitement and reflects pride and appreciation in what you're doing.

Description: Big-time space rock track with a fat guitar and spacy syntheszizers combined with modern effects and impacts. Perfectly suited to present in a exaggerated or excessive manner or to give established products or services a new and unique style. Ideal also as jingle, bumper, closer or shotgun in a radio/webradio produciton. Suitable for anything that needs a raw energetic sound with a light retro touch.

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