Description: A cheerful catchy melodic theme, played by a unique synth sound over a carribean - flavoured groove with lots of vibrant percussion and bright rhythmic acoustic guitars, that provide the track with a distinct character and a light exotic touch. Perfect background music for product advertising, documentaries or simply as a great background music for slide shows or holiday video footage and any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and motivational atmosphere.

Description: A catchy melodic piano anthem over a dance-style drum groove. The tune has a uplifting and motivational character. It reflects an active modern lifestyle and can be used for presentations as well as fashion related matters.

Description: A relaxing atmospheric track, perfect for chill out or mountain/flying - related documentaries, presentations or video projects. The tune starts out with a wide and spacy stereo synthesizer pad sound, followed by a flowing acoustic guitar theme over a 12/8th open drum groove. The flute and the voices in the second part are giving the tune a "back to earth" counterpart before it takes off again into the atmospheric open guitar theme.

Description: Parting friends, beautiful things and encounters that come to an end, this hymnal big beat guitar theme accompanies strong emotions with a sweet melancholy and a sense of nostalgia and longing. Acceptance and thankfulness are a strong part of the tone of this tune, finding the right balance between the sadness of saying goodbye and the content memories of beautiful times together. Perfect track for movie or tv closing credits. Also suitable for slow motion action replays and recaps of sports events.

Description: Atmospheric hypnotic tune featuring trademarks in the style of the band Muse, a catchy spheric piano melody with dramatic emotional synth pads and delayed guitars over a mesmerizing drum groove with lots of tribal inspired toms. The track creates an atmosphere of confidence and glory, foreboding and anticipation with a touch of superiority, majesty and grandeur that makes it a perfect instrumental background for high class expensive product presentations, modern company portraits, video games or tv ads.

Description: A strong acoustic guitar ryhthm over a tight modern hip hop like drumbeat creates the interesting contrast that is the basis of this uplifting motivational tune. The second part features a joyful guitar melody, that later is repeated with harmonies, underlining the easy going character of the track. This modern optimistic tune is a perfect background for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive atmosphere with a unique character.

Description: Big-time space rock track with a fat guitar and spacy syntheszizers combined with modern effects and impacts. Perfectly suited to present in a exaggerated or excessive manner or to give established products or services a new and unique style. Ideal also as jingle, bumper, closer or shotgun in a radio/webradio produciton. Suitable for anything that needs a raw energetic sound with a light retro touch.

Description: Inspirational and uplifting motivational track, starting with an atmospheric minimalistic piano theme, building up with a warm synth bass and marcato strings into a guitar melody and string section over a slowly evolving drumbeat. Ideal instrumental background music for presenting your business, a new product, a new campaign or your company in general, this optimistic and inspiring tune blends perfectly with any voiceovers, providing a warm feel good background for a great variety of uses.

Description: A harmonic inspiring guitar composition with tasteful percussion and and strings in the second half. This uplifting optimistic tune is the perfect background music for nature product advertising, documentaries or simply as a great background music for slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.

Description: A peaceful majestic orchestral background with a warm string section, piano and a ethereal theremin melody. The solemn and sublime tone of the tune can emphasize an atmosphere of awe and wonder about nature's mysteries as well as nostalgia and longing in a more romantic and sentimental usage. Ideal for nature related documentaries, travel related matters or presentations.

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