Description: Soft and spacey uplifting instrumental background music, played by synth, piano and classical guitar over a light mid tempo drum groove . This is the perfect production music for videos presenting a holiday resort, the exquisite facilities of a luxurious hotel or real estate, a background for wellness and massages, for travel documentaries about tropical islands or mediterranean sun-kissed places etc.

Description: Tranquil mellow version of Jingle Bells, played with piano and vibes to a bassoon counter melody.

Description: A harmonic inspiring guitar composition with tasteful percussion and and strings in the second half. This uplifting optimistic tune is the perfect background music for nature product advertising, documentaries or simply as a great background music for slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.

Description: Peaceful inspirational acoustic loop with acoustic guitars, a light vibraphone and whistling melody and piano. Perfect background instrumental for travel documentaries, slide shows or nature product advertising. The track loops seamlessly.

Description: An uplifting guitar theme over a repeating solid tomtom groove with a string section slowly building up into a hymn-like rock beat. Ideal as an instrumental background for presenting your business, a new product, a new campaign or your company in general, this majestic and uplifiting tune provides an atmosphere of trust and assurance as well as experience and appreciation.

Description: A cheerful, optimistic guitar melody, followed by a short contemplative flute interlude and a piano solo on the main theme. An airy and light-hearted acoustic guitar rhythm, bass guitar, drums and percussion provide an bright and vivid acoustic background for a theme, that reflects a positive outlook on life and a confident vision for the future.

Description: A cheerful catchy melodic theme, played by piano and vibraphone over a swinging, light-hearted waltz rhythm. The second half features a softly played drumset and a light conga rhythm, underlining the easy going character of the track. This optimistic and joyful tune is the perfect background for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and happy atmosphere.

Description: A cheerful catchy melodic theme, played by a unique synth sound over a carribean - flavoured groove with lots of vibrant percussion and bright rhythmic acoustic guitars, that provide the track with a distinct character and a light exotic touch. Perfect background music for product advertising, documentaries or simply as a great background music for slide shows or holiday video footage and any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and motivational atmosphere.

Description: Big-time space rock track with a fat guitar and spacy syntheszizers combined with modern effects and impacts. Perfectly suited to present in a exaggerated or excessive manner or to give established products or services a new and unique style. Ideal also as jingle, bumper, closer or shotgun in a radio/webradio produciton. Suitable for anything that needs a raw energetic sound with a light retro touch.

Description: An intimate exotic acoustic guitar theme with a sense of longing and erotic temptation. Supported by a relaxed latin rhythm the tune brings up pictures of tropical and mediterranean settings, secret lovers dancing at sunset beaches in the evening.

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