Description: A peaceful majestic orchestral background with a warm string section, piano and a ethereal theremin melody. The solemn and sublime tone of the tune can emphasize an atmosphere of awe and wonder about nature's mysteries as well as nostalgia and longing in a more romantic and sentimental usage. Ideal for nature related documentaries, travel related matters or presentations.

Description: A relaxing atmospheric track, perfect for chill out or mountain/flying - related documentaries, presentations or video projects. The tune starts out with a wide and spacy stereo synthesizer pad sound, followed by a flowing acoustic guitar theme over a 12/8th open drum groove. The flute and the voices in the second part are giving the tune a "back to earth" counterpart before it takes off again into the atmospheric open guitar theme.

Description: Parting friends, beautiful things and encounters that come to an end, this hymnal big beat guitar theme accompanies strong emotions with a sweet melancholy and a sense of nostalgia and longing. Acceptance and thankfulness are a strong part of the tone of this tune, finding the right balance between the sadness of saying goodbye and the content memories of beautiful times together. Perfect track for movie or tv closing credits. Also suitable for slow motion action replays and recaps of sports events.

Description: Slow and mysterious atmospheric ambience in traditional rock band instrumentation with electric guitar, piano, synthesizer strings, drums and percussion. Ideal for any use where a dark, serious or mysterious mood is required.

Description: Peaceful atmoshperic acoustic loop with acoustic guitars, piano, vibraphone and theremin. Perfect instrumental background for travel documentaries, slide shows or nature product advertising. The track loops seamlessly.

Description: A soft and tender piano theme, first introduced solo and then accompanied by a deep warm analog synth pad. As the title indacates, the tune provides and atmosphere of contemplation, solitude, even loneliness and might be suitable for a dreamy emotional movie sequence or an advertising that adresses a more thoughful and earnest matter.

Description: A light and peaceful acoustic background loop with classical concert guitar, piano and a lush string pad. The sweet and comforting tone of the tune provides an atmosphere of serenity and thankfulness. Ideal for nature related documentaries, travel related matters or presentations.

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