Description: Uplifting Sympho-Rock track in 2 variants: with and without stadium crowd. Both variations are 2:22 duration.

Description: Uplifting, motivational, wide and open bag pipe theme with feelings of freedom and inspiration.

Description: This is energetic, rhythmic, electronic track

Description: 80"s rock track with heavy guitar riffs and vocoder leads.

Description: Uplifting and motivational pop rock track. Suitable for various projects.

Description: Disco-Funk track with electric piano, strings and funky bass

Description: Usable with dramatic and action visuals (video games, promo, trailers or other video products).

Description: Light guitar poprock theme, full of positive feelings.

Description: Energetic rock track. Powerful drums, guitar riffs and screamy leads. Suitable as a soundtrack for video associated with any extreme sport and driving.

Description: Slow and dramatically vast powerful track depicting wide open space and openness. Ethnic drums and voices added in this version.

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