Description: light echo and melody with fretless bass intrumental.

Description: uplifting acoustic guitars laeading to uplifting harmonies and brazillian rythms.

Description: slow and low, down beat with some 80's sounds.

Description: acoustic guitar with building strings.

Description: strident nylon string guitar with a foundation of driving drums and bass. Pop Music, Alternative Pop.

Description: slow haunting acoustic guitars leading into the light.

Description: strident african dark repression.

Description: spanish guitar leads into floating backing music.

Description: spanish guitar feeling composition with string section providing haunting melody.

Description: Eerie and sightly spooky instrumental piece featuring acoustic guitar, bass and percussion. medium paced, I wrote this with the change of seasons in mind along with a time of year where the veil between the physical world and spiritual world is at its thinnest. I was also thinking about two friends of mine who have birthdays around Halloween time so the mood of this music changes from sad and uncertain to more uplifting and happy.

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