Description: A bright fast paced powerful pop dance track with a latin flavor. This exciting tune features both male and female vocal shouts, and chants, a full brass section, electronic instruments, full cooking percussion combos, and cool effects. Nice quick paced music for broadcast, video, tv, film, adverts

Description: A bright upbeat power pop dance track featuring an array of female voices, a funky slap bass riff which develops into a impact break. A romantic steamy dreamy sequence follows topped off with a trumpet solo. Fun party music for media projects in film, tv, radio, streaming, in store, in club, advert

Description: A bouncy and luscious mid tempo latin pop groove track that features a spanish acoustic guitar melody, a full brass section, a flute, bass, drums. The music glides us along through various sections keeping the mood fun and optimistic. Useful track for film, tv, themes, cinematic sections, media.

Description: Classic cool old school medium swing jazz like the sounds of the blue note label of the 1950's and early 60's. Full track features a muted Miles Davis like trumpet sound along with the rich double bass, brushes on the drum set and piano. Great for film, tv, documentaries, media projects, commercials

Description: In Bb major 110 bpm. Good medium groove for your project or for voice overs or introductions. Will loop seamlessly, make sure to import tempo info for proper syncing.

Description: A cheerful happy blast, a let's have fun track. Quirky, lively and a bit wacky for adventurous ambience for your media projects and adverts. Infectious synth melodies, solid backbeat drumming and tightly scored bottom end are logically synced to assure a smile and lighthearted feeling.

Description: An expansive new age downtempo relaxing "trippy" chill out groove. A soundscape that propels the listener through a meditative journey. A solid ostinato bass line and an electro 2-step house beat is the bed for melodic synths playing over the top. Great for spa, yoga, backgrounds, comfortable scenes

Description: An upbeat and grandiose driving fanfare news style track featuring a hard biting string synth backed by a power rock trio and horn kicks. A plucky synth comes in on the bridge as a counter balance to the composition. Useful track for broadcasts as an under bed for visual displays, video games, news. Instrumental, Sports Music, Sports Network TV Rock

Description: Mellow, positive, and inspiring piano and synth driven soft pop rock track for that peaceful easy feeling. Good music for production media including film, radio, tv, or adverts. Also useful for opening themes or background for intro or voice overs or for intermission music podcasts corporate themes

Description: Two sides to the coin. A mysterious introductory phrase featuring ominous synthesizers and cool effects which then breaks out into an energetic and catchy main theme along with a driving tom-tom drum groove. An electric guitar takes up the theme ending with a question. Good for tv, or film projects.

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