Description: a solid rock groove similar to the classic british bands like the Rolling Stones or the Beatles featuring your basic power trio of guitar, bass and drums. Nice bed for vocals, horns, talk overs, advertisements, presentations, internet podcasts web pages

Description: A simple and sweet traditional lullaby which promises all kinds of rewards to the child if he or she is quiet. Featured are guitars, bass, soft bells and electric piano. The structure allows for ad libbing, sing alongs. Useful for nurseries, child care, relaxing, and productions involving young children.

Description: A meditative and introspective sufti groove featuring a steady pulse of eastern percussion For relaxation or contemplation, for yoga classes or themes, new age products, travel documentaries, radio, tv, web, useful background loop for creating middle eastern audio, voice overs, improvising over, foundational loop.

Description: Solid funky rock groove for voice over or foundation.

Description: In Bb major 110 bpm. Good medium groove for your project or for voice overs or introductions. Will loop seamlessly, make sure to import tempo info for proper syncing.

Description: A dramatic and intense, world fusion track with middle eastern overtones. A variety of piano and synthesizers melodies are interwoven for a profound and romantic soundscape. Great for video, film, tv backgrounds, dance scenes, backgrounds for cooking shows, or setting an exotic atmosphere for works

Description: A happy upbeat latin samba feel pop dance track, featuring powerful female vocals, trumpet, tenor sax, cooking percussion, synths, guitar & bass. Superb club feel, strong house beat, big sounds tightly constructed & very musical an excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, workout video, parties, Female Vocals, Latin, Latin Pop

Description: A smooth & sultry electronic dance track featuring a solid male vocal performance, a deep house groove, big fat bass, stylish catchy synthesizer riffs & fills, powerful breakdown section. Great for aerobic workout, dance parties, film, tv, radio, productions, club music collections, adverts, promo, Mixed Vocals, Pop, Pop/EDM

Description: A grooving powerful medium tempo soft pop rock 70’s style track ballad featuring a strong male lead & cool, cute background vocal performances, delightful tenor sax interweaved, & a rock solid rhythm section. A moving, catchy love song in retro style for radio play, film, tv scenes & a variety media, Mixed Vocals, Pop, 70's Pop

Description: A heartfelt and bouncy modern pop rock track featuring powerful female vocal performances that build to a strong hook. Ambient electric guitar and piano lines weave in and out. Solid bass and drums accompany the leads. Great choice for radio broadcast, tv, film, video, corporate, adverts, in house.

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