Description: A bouncy trance like disco dance version of the classic holiday song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Fun and happy for the party atmosphere. Some clever fx and a Sugar Plum Fairy quote are mixed in.

Description: The classic hawaiian song performed in a relaxed soothing style

Description: A gently swinging two beat 1940's style Christmas song. Nice backing track for the holiday season. Features lead guitar and flute melody with the vibraphone on the bridge and the traditional swing ending. Four wheel drive and parkas and eskimos. Greeting cards, tv adverts, muzak, elevators and mall

Description: A bright and happy track featuring tin whistle and guitar that marches along with in a peppy stride like happy surfing music with a tropical feel. Works well as a theme song, for background sounds, for advertising products geared to tween and teens, radio productions, tv instrumentals, talk overs.

Description: A musical mantra space age new age downtempo chill groove track that enters gently and progresses slowly. Close your eyes and relax spa treatment type of music for background and peaceful settings and scenes. Supplies a fragrant and lush aural ambience for talk overs, advertisement, media projects.

Description: A big bass and synth melodic track with high tech electronic percussion and featuring some killer sfx blasts and sweeps. Has a dangerous feel with an impending ambience as a prelude to an action scene. The music is reminiscent of action thriller movies--Die Hard, Mission Impossible, or xtreme sports.

Description: A happy and bouncy version of this American folk song, featuring picked electric guitar and vibraphone. Great for children sing alongs, simple marching, and dancing or as background to kids tv or radio show. Also useful for americana themes, advertisements, country scenes, historic documentaries etc,

Description: A simple and sweet traditional lullaby which promises all kinds of rewards to the child if he or she is quiet. Featured are guitars, bass, soft bells and electric piano. The structure allows for ad libbing, sing alongs. Useful for nurseries, child care, relaxing, and productions involving young children.

Description: A dark and mysterious ambient piece of music that builds to a dramatic and chilling climax halfway through, then slowly breaks down into a reflective and haunting question mark type of ending. Featured are state of the art synthesizers as well as traditional strings, timpani, and percussion.

Description: Good driving upbeat music for workout or just having some fun. Cool breakdown in the middle adds mystery.

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