Description: In Bb major 110 bpm. Good medium groove for your project or for voice overs or introductions. Will loop seamlessly, make sure to import tempo info for proper syncing.

Description: A high octane, hard core in your face action movie type progressive rock track. Features fast fingers guitar runs, power drumming, uplifting sweep, synths, slap bass. Great for projects involving crime scenes, danger lurking behind every corner, suspense, thrillers, cop shows, xtreme sports, fantasy

Description: A fun smart cool and bouncy surfish rock track with a modern retro feel featuring elements of classic rock wah wah synths, Clapton guitar, wicked fast jazzy piano blues licks. Useful for a variety of media projects from adverts to background ambience for products, high tech gadgets, video games, tv. Spoken Word, Rock Music, Progressive Rock

Description: A short splashy jumpy happy cool rocking beat groove intro for connecting or adjoining sections in a multimedia production. Solid Fender electric bass and strong steady drumming with organ pads and a bell like synth overlay. Useful also as and intro, extended stinger, ident, logo, segue, or bumper

Description: Electric bass driven track with two distinct sections. First, a deep and bluesy features strat guitar style similar to early Clapton and the second a fast driving guitar, bass and drum exchange. Great for 1960's-70's retro media projects, ads for lava lamps, etc or scenes featuring flower children.

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