Description: Futuristic Traffic with car, drone,strange background

Description: Walk in the desert , downtempo march with industrial/trip hop rythm, tabla,sitar,ghost voices , flute ..

Description: Orchestral Chinese topic with traditional instru, voices, percu..

Description: Rock / Metal Track down tempo with a nice lyric voice woman Influence : Evanescence

Description: Metal Hardcore with a madness voice man.. guitar, bass, drums, fx ..

Description: Strange dark Ambient from horror, triller séquence.

Description: Orchestral Drums (percu, tambour..) voices goth, FX, drone.. for cinematic teaser

Description: Martial Tribal piece with orchestral percu, string,pizzi,brass,fx,sounddesign .. Cinématic Teaser

Description: Orchestral rythm , choir, brass .. for attack, war sequence. Cinematic , Teaser

Description: Gtr , Bass, Drums, Métal, Industriel sound, sirene, drone, fx .. Cinematic, game, teaser,trailler

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