Description: Remix Track institutional, corporate orchestral electronic techno song declined into 3 part 6/8 - 4/4

Description: Track RnB / Trip Hop with a woman voice melancholic love song...

Description: Soul Track, with man and woman voices.

Description: Down tempo Electro World music : Tabla, shaku, string,flute, chimes,arpegio, big bass, drums, break filter,fx, drones,

Description: Happy electro house with bass satured , kick , snare, guitar, break filter ..

Description: Rock / Metal Track down tempo with a nice lyric voice woman Influence : Evanescence

Description: Rock Metal Gothique Track with a Deutsh lyric voice woman, choir, guitar, bass,drum .. Infleunce : Nina hagen, Rammstein ...

Description: Trip Hop : Influence portishead, Massive attack, Tricky .. Darkness track with melancholic woman voice.

Description: Trip hop /Martial /down tempo song with lyrics voices woman,

Description: zen song with string, guitar,drums, piano, choir easy listening track

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