Description: Orchestral Chinese topic with traditional instru, voices, percu..

Description: Rock Electro Electro rock, metal with a man voice, guitar,bass,drum .. Influence : Nine Inch Nails

Description: Metal Indus down tempo for cinematic teaser, animatic sequence ..

Description: Urban War break beat,bass,downtown,action,background,sirène,drone,électro,sound,voice satured

Description: Track Bossa / Batucada down tempo (instrumental) Guitar, percu, drums,cuica,timbales ..

Description: Ambient, Mystic, ,gothic choir,gong,drone,fx, ..

Description: Ambient, électro, groove, futuriste,cyber time, science,easy listening, teaser,trailler,cinematic

Description: Trip hop Downtempo electro Dark madness song with a woman and man voices

Description: Orchestral rythm , choir, brass .. for attack, war sequence. Cinematic , Teaser

Description: Orchestral Drums (percu, tambour..) voices goth, FX, drone.. for cinematic teaser

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