Description: This piece sets a feel good, tender mood perfect for productions of all kinds.

Description: Sentimental and sacrifice. This score would compliment any cue that needs an infusion of emotion and dreamy sadness.Great for anything needing something special to fit many projects.

Description: A reflective , ambient piece full of thought and reflection. Watch the days go by as you see your self from a far. and realize that not all is lost and there is still hope ahead, this track reminds you of the days gone by . Good for showing those every day things. Neutral and very unintrusive vibe. An upbeat modern representation of busy city or an intense work day. a lot of positive speed and energy. No way to turn back time and you are faced with the challenges of what life has thrown at you. Upbeat and playful , this is a modern city , lots of people going about their chores. Traffic on the streets on a sunny day. A reflective, piece full of thought. Watch the days go by time is standing still as bits and pieces of your past appear like pale sparks out of nowhere. You feel a sense of pride for your achievements but are saddened that life has passed you be so incredibly fast and its time to let the next generation to take your place.

Description: This Christmas track perfectly translates the magic and beauty of a Christmas morning. Watching the slow flakes gently fall on Christmas morning as the fireplace inside warms your heart and soul. What could be greater than waking up on Christmas . Christmas is Here ! Everyone is preparing for a celebration . Candy canes being made and presents wrapped. A Light Christmas holiday track like tune in a childish way perfect for a happy fun festive holiday

Description: Gaining traction you race forward with cities and landscapes passing you by. Reflective and thoughtful yet tense and driving. Flying or driving over a vast open space is the vibe that this track portrays. Positive and open energy.Modern and exciting meets cool rockky this is all about speed / action. Fast race cars with a quirky sarcastic element. Aggressive and forward looking drive.

Description: Bright, uplifting and positive. Great for corporate video and contemporary drama. This track is ideal for films, presentations, video and video games.

Description: Suspensfull , energetic , spy like For Film and TV.Perfect for lifestyle / cooking /spy / travel

Description: Contemporary sound design For film and TV.Soft.Emotional, distant dreamy memories reflection . Grows and develops in to an epic film score. Carries all the elements necessary for the holiday season. Magical and mysterious , this track sounds like the distant echoes of a long lost tribe , smooth and dreamy vibe puts you at the feet of a majestic mountain emerging from the treetops of an ancient forest.This warm neutral track is the uncertainty before a new day.

Description: Slightly tense yet sentimental and nostalgic. Who will tell you thats right or wrong , what lies ahead , these are questions that no one can help you answer and you ponder under a slightly anxious Sun sky.

Description: Mysterious and pensive this cue carries a sense of loss and sadness within a gentle ambient vibe.

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