Description: An catchy uplifting pop / rock guitar track with a solid tom groove, slowly building up big sounding delayed guitar accents in the style of famous Irish Rock. This tune's atmosphere of grandeur and glory and will move and raise the spirits of your listeners. Ideal as a background for presenting a new product, a new campaign or your company in general, this inspiring optimistic tune gives your project a distinct musical touch of confidence and excitement and reflects pride and appreciation in what you're doing.

Description: Energetic atmospheric world fusion track with lots of oriental influences and instrumentation mixed with latin and pop elements. Ideal for travel documentaries, exotic products, fashion shows and everything that needs a passionate oriental background music flavour.

Description: A cheerful catchy melodic piano theme over an uplifting modern dance style beat, later intensified by a majestic string section that amplifies the general tone of authority, leadership and self-esteem that dominates this motivational tune. Perfect for presenting your business, a new product, a new campaign or your company in general in an authentic modern way - this joyful and optimistic tune provides an atmosphere of motivation and confidence as well as experience and appreciation.

Description: A very slow and deeply relaxing background track with open spacey drums and a soothing synthesizer pad. The sparkling repeating piano pattern brings up the image of the day's last rays of sunlight on a hot tropical beach being reflected by the soft waves where two lovers make passionate love on the sand, forgetting about time and space.

Description: Uplifting energetic "wall of sound" instrumental with all the ingredients of an epic modern rock track: a majestic piano and delay guitars over powerful and energetic drums and lush synth textures.. This track in the style of british rock / pop bands like U2, Coldplay and Muse has a strong positive energy to raise the spirits of your listeners and is suitable for action sport events, big show announcements or spectacular product presentations etc.

Description: Positive and uplifting instrumental pop rock track with a catchy guitar theme over solid powerful drums with majestic piano arpeggios and heartwarming string sections and synth pads. Suitable for everything that benefits from an emotional optimistic background music / underscore / music bed.

Description: A bright, uplifting guitar melody over a repeating solid tomtom groove and synth sequencing patterns, alternating with a powerful and majestic piano theme. The track has a strong energy and is intended to raise the spirits of your listeners. Ideal as a background for presenting your business, a new product, a new campaign or your company in general, whenever a distinct musical touch of confidence and excitement is required.

Description: A melodic romantic piano theme over light airy and breathing drums with additional soft melodic acoustic guitar elements. This inspirational tune is the perfect music for any project or presentation that needs an optimistic and positive instrumental background. Suitable as music for video, advertising and commercials, tv documentaries etc.

Description: Modern stylish corporate tech background music with a catchy synthesizer theme, lots of hypnotic arpeggios,lush synth textures, large reverbs and epic pad and choir sounds. A unique cool electronic background mixed with driving dramatic cinematic war drums gives the track a unique stylish futuristic atmosphere of elegance and glamour that perfectly fits hi tech product presentations, product videos or fashion shows

Description: An intimate exotic acoustic guitar theme with a sense of longing and erotic temptation. Supported by a relaxed latin rhythm the tune brings up pictures of tropical and mediterranean settings, secret lovers dancing at sunset beaches in the evening.

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