Description: New, modern hip-hop beat. Perfect for rnb/rap backing track or urban film or movie.

Description: Modern Top 40 electro-pop. Features catchy synths as hook, pounding bass drum and energetic builds and releases.

Description: House Rock. Mainstream and catchy. Fun guitars with progressive synthesizers. A unique combination of modern elements.

Description: “Back To Basics” is a uplifting, grand and larger then life track filled with positive and good vibes all the way through! This track is ideal for marketing and advertising of all kinds and has a wide commercial appeal. If you need something catchy and uplifting for your next project, you just found it!

Description: Corporate piano pop tune. Catchy repetitive piano riff with underlying drums and synth bass.

Description: Soothing electric piano with bells and a steady, rhythmic drum beat with kick and tambourine. Good for ads or TV commercials.

Description: Modern Top-40 sound with electric guitars and a strong backbeat. Driving bass guitar and synthesizers give the song a club-like feel.

Description: World pop music with ukulele, acoustic guitars, and piano. Fun, lively and upbeat.

Description: “Success” is a positive and motivational business / corporate track that brings a sense of success, freedom, productivity, sales and growth. This inspirational track is ideal for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate theme. This piece starts out with a catchy piano melody that remains throughout the piece, and builds instrument upon instrument until it reaches a powerful climax. After a few bars of a quieter breakdown near the end, the full theme emerges one more to conclude the piece on an encouraging musical phrase. This track would also work particularly well in conjunction with a voice over. Thanks for purchasing!

Description: Eastern vibe with a modern touch. Upbeat and groovy. Has a distinct sitar melody with dubstep and electro bass riff underlying the main groove.

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