Description: Complete looping phrase at 105 bpm, a thought provoking piece characterised by high piano keys and deep sub-bass with a powerful breakbeat percussion line.

Description: Double dub chord hit with delay dub-out.

Description: Sweet upper middle range C3 Pad hit with delay, bright shimmering texture 130 bpm, could be used as an effect or as a loop.

Description: Dark industrial machine like synthesizer loop

Description: Melodic bassline progression, 8 Bars

Description: Time stretched alarm noise creates an industrial sounding backdrop for a gritty urban post-modern world.

Description: Metallic, industrial, spacey, a nice stinger or perhaps an element to layer over a track; uses reverb for the tail out.

Description: 52 seconds of a tense ethereal loop, no percussion, upper mid-range synths, strings and resonant bells in a minor key, to create a mood of intrigue and mystery...

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