Description: saucy, sexy, swinging, and playful -- this song is in the "exotica" style of the ultra hip cocktail lounge music of the 50's and 60's.

Description: ssassy, light-hearted, and mischievous cue perfect for a romantic comedy or dramedy.

Description: instrumental hip hop track - funky and slick. this track can make a scene sizzle!.

Description: Dramatic hip hop underscore for a reality type show or film -- perfect for the elimination round or a scene of conflict.

Description: Super funky and ultra quirky with big, bold brass, French horn swells, organ, guitars, and stabs

Description: Up tempo action cue with a fast hip hop groove, funky guitars, DJ scratching, orch hits, and Synths.

Description: Building, suspenseful, and super funky instrumental gangsta cue with an ominous feel with guitars, F/X. orchestra, gongs, timpani, and crashes.

Description: Gangsta and ominous -- perfect for an urban drama or any modern day reality show. Big, cinematic, and ominous with a grand symphonic and dramatic flair.

Description: Cinematic, orchestral, and very dark instrumental hip hop with a slow methodical groove -- Bartok Pizzaccato Strings, big thunderous drums, and gongs.

Description: Funky, crunky, and hip with big orchesteral stabs and a fat bass line. Very dark and pulsing, it works well as underscore for a dramatic or tension filled scene.

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